Meet the Team


I have always been an avid walleye fisherman, fishing on the Columbia River and painting my own fishing lures. Custom painting began as a hobby of mine over 15 years ago, and now, I finally have had the opportunity of taking it to the next level. I opened Vertical Jigs and Lures because I realized there was a need in the market for a quality product. I pride myself on using only quality materials, and everything I make is hand painted and tied right here in the USA. This business opportunity has proven to be valuable to my family, all while doing what I love.

I also currently serve full time in the Oregon National Guard and have been honored to do so for the last 17 years. That occupation has taken me on 3 tours overseas, and time away from my family, which inspired me to build a successful business to rely on when I retire from the military. Juggling both has become a balance, but both of which I see a purpose for. I am married to my wife Adrienne and we have 3 wonderful children. Hailee 8, Anson 4 & Jade 2. I want the kids to feel involved so they now enjoy helping name the products, thinking of new color combinations, packaging, and supervising! We are a family run small business and everyone helps where they can!


I grew up fishing the Columbia river for bass and walleye. As a teenager I spent countless hours in an inflatable raft floating the Yakima river for bass - fishing is what I did and I'd do it at any cost. I caught my first walleye in Scootney Reservoir when camping with my family. It was also the first time I fell out of the boat showing my kid brother how "professionals return fish to the water".

As soon as I was old enough I bought my first boat and spent every free hour I had searching for walleye. After spending way to much cash on gear from nearby stores I wanted something better, something no one else had. That's when I started painting. Over the last 7 years I've ran an online walleye paint shop that was closed in 2020. I'm a family man with a wife and 3 kids, all teenagers, that keep me pretty busy but also support my painting habits.

I'm excited to join the Vertical team and help us reach the next level. Matt and I are really excited for the opportunity to put our creative minds together and come up with great walleye products that will put you on your next personal best!


Josh helps us out with web development and graphic design. He also specializes in apparel design and runs


Brad helps us out from time to time when we need painting support. He's the idea man behind the Tequila Sunrise, Wicked Tuna and Cobra Venom Bandits!

ADRIENNE FAIRBANK - Customer Support

Adrienne is the backbone of customer support and logistics at the Vertical headquarters.